Who is Growl?


Hey, what a strange nickname, huh? Hmm, you're right :-). The explanation is rather simply though: I've been using the Internet for many years meawhile and when I started I was searching for an unusual name. There's a character in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical CATS named "Growltiger", a pirate tomcat that I like, so I chose "Growl".

Just a few words about myself: My real name is Jörg, which is surely hard to pronounce if you're not German. (In that case just call me "Jorge", that's ok too.) I'm 36 years old, about 1.85m tall and dark blonde. Since 4 years I've been living in Heilbronn, Germany. That's approximately 50km North of Stuttgart, not far from Heidelberg, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Frankfurt.

I'm graduated engineer of electronics working at the "University of Applied Science of Heilbronn", which is just about 5km away from my home. There at the computer center I'm responsible for the campus networking, a nice and interesting job.

I've got lots of hobbies, so I actually rarely become bored. I'm interested in computers, Internet and networking in general - as it's my job. But I also like to listen to music and collect old historical recordings which I enhance by manually editing the songs for removing crackle and hiss, which was common on old vinyl records or tapes. On the other side I also like to go outside for enjoying nature by hiking or bicycle riding.

My newest interest is about Asia, namely the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. I've been to the Phils twice already and the next travel is already planned. Somehow I'm fascinated by the beauty of the landscapes and those very friendly people there. You can find some of my best photos on this homepage too, of course.